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hey! I'm karly.

Welcome to my corner on the internet! 

I'm currently:

  • Building for education at Wave Learning Festival

  • Product researching at Bubble

  • Investigating ML model fairness, ML-augmented algorithms, interpretability tradeoffs in ML,  and interventions for hiring outcomes

  • Playing with light


Previously I've been at places like D.E. Shaw, Two Sigma, NVIDIA, Bain, and applied & theoretical CS research labs at Harvard and Stony Brook University.

Always looking for ways to work on:

  • Quality, accessible education

  • Global public health

  • Economic accessibility

  • Sustainable development & healthy cities

Other interests & sources of joy:

  • Getting to know people

  • Contemporary art 

  • Robots

  • Meandering fiction, avant garde poetry, philosophy

  • Singing & violin & music of many textures (currently: r&b + opera)

  • Space & deep ocean exploration

  • Learning new languages

I'd love to meet you—say hello!

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