Hey! I'm Karly.

Learner, artist, creator.

I'm so glad you found my corner of the internet! I'm Karly, a junior at Harvard studying Computer Science, Mathematics, & Economics. 

I'm currently building for equitable education over at Wave Learning Festival, conducting computational neuroscience research in Professor Venkatesh Murthy's lab, painting, and trying to get back to my deadlift PR. Previously, I've been at places like D.E. Shaw, Two Sigma, NVIDIA, and Stony Brook University's materials science labs.

Growing up in the heart of the Silicon Valley, I've been immersed in constant innovation and instilled with a deep appreciation for the power of technology to do some totally cool things. 

Some things I really care about:

  • Improving quality and accessibility of education

  • Empowering individuals to build their own success

  • Promoting public health

  • Advancing women's rights

  • Building a sustainable planet

Some things I love:

  • Meeting new people

  • Contemporary art

  • Robots

  • Learning languages (English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic)

  • Photography, poetry, singing, and violin

  • Sci-fi films & literature

  • Space & the deep ocean

I'd love to meet you—say hello!